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I’ll be arriving in Paris on around August 1st and travelling till around Sept 6th. That’ll give me hopefully 35 full days to enjoy Europe. Here’s the plan so far:

France – 3 nights (don’t know where yet- help!)
Lausanne – 1 night
Interlaken – 3 nights
Innsbruck – 1 night (on my way to Munich)
Munich – 3 nights
Salzburg – 3 nights
Vienna – 2 nights
Prague – 3 nights
Cesky Krumlov – 2 nights
Dresden – 2 nights
Berlin – 3 nights
Amsterdam – 3 nights
Brugges – 2 nights
Paris – 3 nights

I’ll be coming from Dublin on s short flight, so once I arrive I’ll be heading straight to the train station to get out of Paris. I’ll stay in Paris in September when it hopefully won’t be as busy. I don’t know if my time in France will be on the way to Switzerland, or on my way back to Paris from Belgium… any tips?

I want to see Munich and in order to keep from having to backtrack, I’d like to go from Innsbruck to Munich to Salzburg… I won’t have any hassle at the borders for doing this, will I?

Any fun hostels with friendly atmospheres to recommend in any of these places? I’m thinking I should buy a flexipass for 15 days of travel in any 2 month period. Good idea?

This is obviously subject to change on the fly as I wander around Europe, but how does it look so far? Too much in too little time? Where would you spend less/more time? Any great places that I forgot that aren’t too far out of the way?