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Advise on cheap flights from Israel to Europe?
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Hi guys, I’ve been reading some posts and found this site very helpful.  What would you recommend for my itinerary?
From Israel, start in Munich June 6th going to Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nurburg (west of Frankfurt), Luxemburg, Paris, Britian, Belgium, Netherlands, Berlin, Prague, Vienna?, Venice, Florence, Monaco, and back to Munich on July 17th or 18th.
I live in the US and am spending 10 days in Israel to start my traveling.  After Israel, I will be going to Europe for 40 some days.  I found a Munich flight from Israel to be a good option being that it was on of the places I plan to visit and it was one of the cheaper options that I found after search for only a couple hours.  I have my roundtrip flight between the US to Israel, I just need to soon conclude what flight I should get from Israel to Europe and back to Israel again.  If you have any suggestions that would make more sense please let me know.

The roundftrip Munich and Israel flight is going to be about $720.  I am 22 if that counts for getting any discounts.

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Start with our new user thread — top of this forum. It also has student/youth sites.


I see TLV-MUC $584 USD round trip total, nonstop flights for your dates. TUIfly has it $506 total (found with Whichbudget). Since your Israel round trip ticket is already purchased, consider checking for a flight back from your ending point in Europe to Israel to save time and backtrack expenses.