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Hi all, I am sure this question has been asked to death, but my wife and I and traveling to Europe for a Month in Sept/07. We have started saving and planning everything, and I am wondering abou hotels. My wife is set on hotels (2-3 star). I know if will be alot more expensive that Hostles, but are there any recomendations as to Holtels to check out or sites I sould visit.
We will be staying in:

Any info would be appreciated
Thanks all…

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Hotels are not necessarily more expensive than private rooms at hostels – many times they’re cheaper. Nor are hotel rooms necessarily nicer than hostel rooms, even if it’s supposed to be a 2* hotel.
Here’s what I have done/would do:
London – I always bid on Priceline. See
Dublin – I don’t know.
Paris – Check for cheaper prepaid rates on . On my upcoming visit, I’m staying at Mercure Monty Opera. I’ve also used Priceline, which is OK, but more tricky than London and less likely to yield a good deal.
Otherwise check out hotels like Hotel Cosmos –
Florence – I stayed at a convent, which was an interesting and unique experience.
I’d also consider Istituto Gould –
Rome – I stayed at Hotel Julia, but that’s expensive for a couple in September. Take a look at Hotel Panda –
Convents would also be a good option here, like Fraternus Domus.
Naples – I don’t know.
Edinburgh – We stayed at student accommodation that is only available during the summer. If I were going there now with someone else, I’d stay in a private room at the new YHA hostel –
This is an example of a nice, new place with great facilities. Anything comparable in Edinburgh is going to be very expensive by my standards.
Other sites to check:
How much comfort does your wife want? Realistically, if someone wants accommodation at Holiday Inn levels in many cities, it’s really expensive. In some European cities, that sort of accommodation can be gotten pretty cheaply. If you want options that are both good and cheap, you often have to book way ahead. For example, the convent I mentioned was booked up six months in advance when someone I know tried to get in there.

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We stayed at the Dunedin Guest House in Edinburgh. It has changed ownership since we were there, but the pictures look the same. It was a nice location.
Dunedin Guest House
In Dublin, we walked into the B&B we were supposed to stay at and I instantly hated it, it was too prissy. I think we ended up splurging on a 2-star hotel right by the river.

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I had good luck with “smooth hound” in UK.  It’s a loose association of small, independent hotels and B & B’s.
http://www.smoothhou… I’ve not used it for hotels outside the UK, but I was really pleased with how it worked. The place I wanted in Edinburgh was full due to an event, but the owner sent my request to 5 of her friends who ran B & B’s.  3 of them e-mailed me with information and I found a great place. 

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(Realizing the original question is 2.5 years old, but for non-spammers digging up this old thread)…… has a hotel search which includes many good sources, and you only have to input city and dates 1 time. Among their 1-click sources, I really like which checks many more sites not listed on Booking Buddy. is similar, with some additional sources not shown on Bookinbuddy.