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Air, 2 weeks hotel in Budapest for $1552.00
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(Quoted from Frommer’s newsletter, 9.8.99)

Charming old Budapest, that quintessential town of Central European elegance, has always been a fashionable spot for spa vacations. The luster hasn’t faded from this glorious destination, but now you can now luxuriate there from as little as $78 per night (including round-trip air fare from New York). Tradesco Tours, which specializes in
Hungarian travel, has two- and three-week spa
package tours to Budapest between now and April of 2000. The prices, air inclusive, range from as low as $1552 for two weeks and $1629 (this is the one that works out to just under $78 per night) for three weeks, both prices being per person in a twin room. The prices include round-trip air from New York, 14 nights with half board at the Margitsziget
Health resort or 21 nights at the Danubius Thermal Hotel Helia, with basic balneo therapy or complete spa therapy depending on the package you choose, taxes and service charges. Airport taxes are additional. You should note that other gateways besides New York are available, but prices may differ. We have given you the lowest prices Tradesco offers, which are from now through March
of 2000 (remember that prices will vary by date and availability). Half board means buffet breakfast and choice of lunch or dinner, plus a Gala dinner weekly and one welcome cocktail.

Basic therapy involves having one physician’s examination and medical consultation weekly, three treatments and three massages per week, water gymnastics group sessions, use of thermal bath, swimming pool, fitness room,
drinking cure and sauna. Free dental exam on request (note to self – SKIP the Hungarian torture, I mean dental option). The Complete Spa Therapy Package, which runs around $150 to $200 more per person, includes all the above, but offers ten treatments and five massages per week. The Fitness & Fun package includes accommodations, air fare, two Thai massages, two foot massages, two full-body massages weekly; six oxygen inhalation therapy sessions weekly, group gymnastic sessions, use of thermal bath, swimming pool,
fitness room, drinking cure and sauna, plus a cultural event ticket and one public transport pass weekly. Transportation is on Malev Hungarian Airlines, on nonstop New York-Budapest flights, using Boeing 767 aircraft. For more information, call your travel agent or Tradesco Tours at 800/833-3402.

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