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Airfare to London from Baltimore in August...
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Hey All…

I’m new to this forum, and am so glad I stumbled upon this site.  I’m working to fly 4 teachers to London from Baltimore and back in August- the 9th to the 22nd to be exact, and am wondering what a fair fare would be?  BA is quoting $1100, Air Canada, about the same (includes all fees)… Should I buy now or wait.  Because we’re traveling during the peak season, and on peak dates, I know I’m limited…

Any advice you can offer is much appreciated!

Thanks and Cheers!

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$1100 sounds about right. If both AC and BA are same price, go with BA since it’s a nonstop flight (whereas AC must connect via Canada—Toronto or Montreal most likely from BWI).

Teachers with the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) sometimes qualify for fares through or

However, other sources might be cheaper. Try the ones in the new user thread (top of this Cheap Flights forum)—especially ITA, BookingBuddy, and Farecompare.

So… I did some quick checks for you with Bookingbuddy and ITA, and found I think the same as you found from BWI. However….

Would you go from Dulles if you could save over $300 per ticket? Iberia Airlines have it for $738 total your dates from Dulles-via Madrid-to London and back. This is a very good fare for August.

I did not check the other sources.