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Aix-En-Provence or Paris?
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I studied in Paris a few years ago for a month and loved it. This year I have the opportunity to go back but I was considering splitting my time between Paris of Aix-en-Provence. (Paris three weeks/ Aix for 2) has anyone ever studied in Aix? Is there a lot of French culture to soak up? Is it worth it to go there or should I spend the whole five weeks in Paris?

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My son took a high school exchange in Nîmes and a college exchange in Paris. While Nîmes is in Languedoc and not Provence, i can tell you two things: First, things are a lot slower in the south. Second, you will also find that most of the higher education is delivered by Parisians who have moved south for work, and are frankly longing to go home. They are almost like foreigners in their provincial outlook because they miss Paris so much. It’s beautiful down there around Aix and North and the weather is nice from April-October/early November, but if you were wild about the cultural richness of Paris, you will be disappointed. If you’re there in the winter-early spring months, it’s apt to be rainy and windy at times and there is much less to do than in Paris.