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Albion is really fun to play

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Tags: Albion Online Silver
City: Varna, Bulgaria

I am usually all in favor of increasing accessibility and making the game all around more FUN to play, for both the casual and the advanced gamer. I do not however feel that tab targeting would be a good addition to the game. Picking targets and having to manually select moving targets is part of what elevates a player in terms of skill. It makes abilities like stealth/blink become more interesting, and makes the use of terrain more important/interesting as well.

As to the ease of using bots : Giving players a way of auto targeting monsters without a manual mouseclick directly on the monster SIGNIFICANTLY increases the ease of botting. For programmers like myself you are correct in that bots can be made either way to earn Albion Online Silver, but the EASE of setting up automated killing is significantly increased with tab targetting.

It’s the tyranny of the majority over the minority. I know why they are doing this so everyone can pvp. It makes it easier for everyone to get into it but it also destroys a skill level that is relevant with hand-eye co-ordination. Now there will be no skill lvl separating players. There will all be mediocre at best because now targeting is 1 tab button away.

It is sacrificing a part of pvp for convenience. Nothing more nothing less. The only problem is now everyone says we need tab-targeting. Boom you got it because a majority said so. Next we need item insurance because t7 is expensive and man it’ll take forever to do that. Make a poll. 70% agree. Boom there goes economy and the game. Now why is this game unique again?

I liked the moba feel in Albion, it was something that made it different than other mainstream mmos. Now with tab target you just gonna lower the skill ceiling and make the game feel way less unique unless you can Cheap Albion Online Silver. That feature alone is enough for me to not consider the game at launch.

You know what is the biggest problem with this specific situation? The devs clearly stated that they didn’t plan to get tag target in the game. They decide to make a poll, and casuals, who would still have played the game (or not) no matter the result of that poll all picked the option that will make the combat easier for them, because that’s what casuals do if you put them in that situation. I’m sure you would make a poll about removing full loot or implementing partial loot in red/black zones, or anything ridiculous like that, and the “yes” would win. That’s how it is. But you know another thing that casual players tend to do? They hop from mmo to mmo, always switching to the brand new shiny game. And you know what? If the game feels like any other mainstream mmo, well in the end you will end up losing the players who came here for what made it special in the first place…

So, devs… when you first were creating the idea of what this game would be in your minds and in reunions, did you envision it with tab target or albion online silver farming? If you start changing features of this game every time the casuals ask for something to be easier, you will end up having a game far different then what you originally planned for… and staying true to your original vision is imo key to make a good lasting game.