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I’ll be travelling to Prague for 4 nights in April during the Easter period by myself. I’m going by myself because my travel buddy is going back to Australia for two weeks and I don’t want to be on holidays, bumming around by myself not seeing anything. So I’ve decided to go to Prague.

However the first reaction my work colleagues had was ‘You can’t go to Prague by yourself? Why!!?!’ After I explained ‘Because I want to’ and that Prague is a special city to me that I want to explore, they continued to shed a darker light on the city.

I’m not fussed about going alone, I’m more of the independent traveller and meet up with others type, but I will be on my own of course in a foreign city with a foriegn language that I only know how to say Hello in. Does anyone have aany suggestions about where not to go in Prague or places/ quarters to avoid, tips etc?

Muchos Gracias!

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1. Many (most?) of the people you meet in Prague will speak English. Certainly anyone involved in the tourism industry will. I would not worry about the language barrier, but I would learn a few more phrases.

2. Prague impressed me as a particularly safe and comfortable city. I did find the Old Jewish Quarter a little iffy at dusk, but because there weren’t any people around as opposed to anything really sinister.

3. If you don’t get much response here, repost this in favorite places.