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Amazing Tips to Passing in FIFA 16

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Much discussion has been made of the new passing incorporated in FIFA 16.Veteran gamers have either praised or grumbled about the new changes in the game that have resulted in poor first touches,weak kicks and even missing their target by significant distances.

Let’s be clear,FIFA 15 was focused predominantly on pace.When playing online matches,you’d encounter Real Madrid after Real Madrid,simply because of their incredibly speedy wingers,Ronaldo and Bale,who most defenses would struggle to contain.You’d see a decent amount of success simply lobbing the ball forward for these speedsters to chase.And if Ronaldo and Bale are in on goal,they’re unlikely to miss.You can buy these players use fifa 16 coins.

EA address to FIFA 15 Pace

EA’s answer to this for FIFA 16 was to make the midfield matter,and in doing so,from what I can tell anyway,made speed less powerful.But elsewhere,other key changes have altered the pace of the game.Passes that would easily reach forwards in FIFA 15 are now more likely to be intercepted by more aware defenders.One-touch through balls more often go awry.It’s harder to quickly transition from defense into attack,and it feels ever so slightly slower in the build up.

Because of this,some are calling FIFA 16 boring,frustrating and slow.But some have moved to calm knee-jerk reaction to this change.People are suggesting keeping passing simple,and only going for the killer pass out to a winger when there’s obvious space to do so.The new driven pass seems to be a useful option for splitting defences,too.All in all,patience is a virtue.

As always,there’s a learning curve whenever a new FIFA is released,but FIFA 16’s seems to have caught some by surprise.I feel the new gameplay is a step in the right direction,and makes for a more measured,rewarding and ultimately less frustrating competitive play experience.With the inclusion of No Touch Dribbling,there is more focus on a technical build-up play.

Other than Skill Moves,the best dribbling technique is the newly applied No Touch Dribbling.This new dribbling technique introduced in FIFA 16 allows players to move without the ball to juke their opponents and quickly change direction.No Touch Dribbling allows players to change direction quickly like with Body Feints and Fake Shots in FIFA 15 to beat your man and score some amazing goals.

You want to score from the wings? Zip it along the ground.

FIFA favors recycled possession, smart passing and angled runs.

To enable this, FIFA has extended extra measures of control over both dribbling and passing. Squeeze LT/L1 and you can maneuver your player around the ball without touching it, shielding possession or selling the opposition a dummy. You can’t just slam the sprint button and whizz past an opposing full-back, you need to use pitch smartly, changing pace and knocking the ball into open space. Press RB/R1 while passing, meanwhile, and you’ll deliver a quicker ‘bullet pass’, zipping the ball along the turf.This has the advantage of stretching play quicker, or catching defenders unaware. The drawback is that it’s much easier to miscontrol, the ball bobbling off unprepared feet.

The key to unlocking defences and keeping possession is to mix up your passing game to pull teams out of shape. Manage to get through and the shooting is exceptional, given real fizz and physicality. Smacking one into the back of the net has rarely been so gratifying.

Additional Tips for Gameplay

Since its new, players will need to practise No Touch Dribbling before they’re any good at it. Using the technique is simple, just hold L1 (PS3/PS4) or LT (Xbox 360/Xbox One) and move the right analog stick to the direction your want to go. These are small feints good for beating opponents close to you or when you’re not running. Big feints are done by holding the sprint button R2 (PS3/PS4) or RT (Xbox 360/Xbox One) while holding the L1 or LT button. The big feints help when you’re on the counter or running towards opponents and have ample space to move the ball.

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