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My boyfriend and I are from Boston and planning a 12 day trek through mainland Europe after a 5 stay in London. We are on a tight-ish budget, of course, and are most interested in seeing Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin (possibly Stuttgart as well), and Prague. It seems like the most efficient way to do this would be to fly to Prague, from London, and then take some sort of transportation from Prague to Berlin where we will start usage of the Benelux-Germany rail pass? I’ve vaguely heard of a cheap bus, but I can’t seem to find any information in English Frown

We are also still trying to decide where, of the countries I mentioned, would be the cheapest place to fly back to Boston from… but it seems, for sure, that Prague is NOT the cheapest place to get a flight to Boston out of- and it’s not expensive to get there from London- so it seems like we’re both pretty happy STARTING mainland Europe there.

Neither one of us have ever done something like this- so we’re not really sure if this makes the most sense because we can’t understand how much a bus or train or plane ticket costs from Prague to Berlin- because almost all but the eurail website are in the native language.

Does ANYONE have any cost efficient suggestions on how to get from Prague to Berlin, or any website that could help us out that is in English? Or any other suggestions on how to maneuver around the countries we want to see in Europe can be attained the most efficiently?

It would be the most appreciated!

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I believe the Czech portion of the route from Prague to Berlin is quite inexpensive. I was thinking around 15 euros. You could then use your rail pass for the German portionof the ticket. Or, check the German national rail company website. There are specials as low as 24 euros for the whole route. Price all the tickets on this site. Advance purchase, non-refundable specials may be cheaper than using a rail pass. Also check the Belgian and Czech rail websites. The links are in a sticky at the top of this forum and under “transportation” on the “travel tips” tab.