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Backpacking Germany
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I need help! Planning a 100-110 day backpacking trip to Europe, and have allocated about 1.5-2 weeks in Germany. Yes, I have taken into account the Schengen Area since I spending time in Bulgaria, England and Croatia.

So my dilemma is: I want to visit 2-3 main cities and then explore the countryside/small villages. Out of Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, which 2 should I pick? I’m thinking Stuttgart because I think I’ll enjoy exploring that area. Is it worth to go all the way up to Berlin, considering my next stop would be Prague?

I’m entering Germany from the west- Strasbourg.

Many thanks!

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Depending on when you’re going, Bulgaria (and Romania) may become part of the Schengen Area http://en.wikipedia…. Schengen_Area#Prospective. Croatia’s not entering any time soon though.

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I think you should visit the smaller cities Leipzig and Rostock. In Leipzig you have a great spectrum of culture and in Rostock you can see the baltic sea! You can visit the new and very pretty zoo in leipzig as well!