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backpacking trip from belgium to greece
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hello! okay so I am travelling to Europe from December 26 to January 15. I am going with my sister and her husband making us 3 travellers going from Belgium to Greece. We are backpacking and trying to find the best route to get there. I was thinking maybe going from Belgium through France, Italy then taking a ferry to Croatia and working our way down to Greece. So I have been looking for ferries but I can’f find anything and I don’t really have any idea of what to look for. Does anyone have any recommendations on routes- must see sites- ferries-other ways to travel etc. I will be grateful for anything given to me because I have no clue where to even begin. Thank you!

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I’m not sure I understand the appeal of a long boat ride from the Italian peninsula or traveling all that distance in the winter just to travel all that distance.  If you don’t really have any specific travel destinations in mind between Belgium and Greece, you might be better off when the weather is so cold and unpredictable – and the daylight hours so short – to just hop a flight and then do your roaming around in Greece.  Italy’s not terribly bad weatherwise in January.  Maybe fly there and then fly on to Greece afterward.

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What’s with everyone’s sudden interest in visiting Mediterranean Europe in winter?  You must be like the tenth poster by now.

I just want to make sure you know what to expect, because some people are under the impression that South Europe is “warm”.  Well, it’s definitely warmer than Northern Europe, and yes there’s palm trees, and it gets hot and incredibly birght and sunny in the summer….but definitely don’t expect Carribean winters.  It’s not tropical.  Just wanna lay that out there.  If you know what kind of weather to expect, and you’re interested in big-city or big-town sightseeing, more power to you…but don’t expect a dream Mediterranean holiday in places like Cinque Terre, Cycladic Islands, Dalmatian Coast, or French Riviera in the middle of December.

If escaping the July-August crowds is what you’re after, then a fabulous time to go would be generally April-June or September-October. 

December is a hit-or-miss in Italy, Greece, Croatia, and South France.  You might be blessed with sunny weather when you’re there….or it might be cold and rainy the whole time.  If we go by averages, expect 3-4 rainy days per week.  And the countryside does not seem as cheery to me in the winter as it does April-October.  On the other hand, Italy and France are major skiing/snowboarding destinations.