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Baggage Restrictions
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Last week, while returning from London to Newark, I was stumped when Virgin told me that I could no longer be allowed to carry two luggages unless I was travelling in Premium Economy and above.
I was only allowed to carry one handbag luggage weighing 6 kg.

I was further advised that all airlines have followed suit since No 9th, 2009.
While purchasing my tkt, the Virgin agent never indicated such a thing. Later the service to get my seats upgraded also called me and upon my questioning, said, I have no issues carrying two suitcases.

I had to leave one suitcase behind and the other weighed over 31 kgs. The tkting agent at the counter said the fine was 30 GBP for my baggage and another 40GBP for my handbag.

I would advise all the readers here to speak to your airline before flying so you do not have the confusion of leaving your suitcase behind.

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Yes, or just check your airline’s website for it’s baggage policies. Virgin’s:… and…

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i found that out coming home from america to australia last week. i booked my flight before the changes with air new zealand, so i was okay, but now we can also only take one item of luggage, and it has to weigh less than 30kg Frown frustrating as the americas were the only area that i knew of where you could take 2 items of luggage up to 50pounds i think it was last year (my memory of that is a bit hazy)

was looking through emirates, the limit for economy melb-london is 30kg, and i think you can have at least 2 bags provided they dont go over the limit, which will be good for me, as i need both winter and summer clothing when i go over, and i plan on taking a small case with my winter stuff to store for the months that i dont need it

edit: – turns out for me it was just air new zealand who have changed that rule. only 1 23kg bag going to the usa. v australia (part of the virgin network) is still eltting people take two cases at 23kg each to america. so looks like ill go back to them next time i head over to the states

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you know better next time right.