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Bari - A Port City of Italy

Type: Landmark
Tags: Bari, city, fish, italy, port, seafood
City: Bari, Italy
Address & Details:

South West of Rome on the eastern side of Italy. Across Albania

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Bari is a great destination of the young. Full of night life, clubs, bars and things to do. The town does not really come to life until the sun sets when everybody goes out to eat, see friends and have fun.

If your going to Corfu from Italy, try taking a ferry from Bari.

While there be sure to see the ancient castle, the port, the theater and the market. All these sites will please people of all ages. The best way to see the city is buy foot. You can get to places by foot that buses can;t take you. Also going on foo will let you see some very cool parts of town.

Another wonder of Bari are the restaurants. Because the place is a port city seafood is always on the menu. Do try things like octopus, calamari, shrimp, various fish and other sea crustacean.

Again, if your taking a ferry from here arrive a day or two before so you can see this great port city.