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Hi, We decided to visit Belgrade on our way to Montenegro. Don’t know much about it. Has anybody been there recently? Also any advice for traveling in Montenegro? I heard its gorgeous. Thanks

I am leaving from frankfurt, germany with $3000 for 41 days
Frankfurt, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Wrocław, Kraków, Eger, Budapest, Zagreb, Split, Kotor, Budva, Ljubljana, Bled, Frankfurt
Requesting help with Transport, Hostels, Budget
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I´ll be heading there as well in August. Also looking for advice about it.. and best hostels?

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I was there last summer because I went to GUCA and stopped over. We arrived SUPER early in the AM and the better rated hostels were booked. We needed a place close to the train/bus station and were we could drop our larger packs and head on our way. We wound up at a hostel across the road from the station— and it SUCKED. I believe it was “Hostel City Centre”. Do not book there unless you just need it to sleep. Oh wait, forget sleep, as it is the LOUDEST place to get a room being there are busses and trains outside the window at all hours. It was empty and isolated and lacks toilet paper at all times. Plus, that area of town blows. To find better hostels check reviews on hostelworld. Budget accommodation is limited there, as it is up and coming.

As for the city itself, when we came back from GUCA fest we spent a couple of days exploring Belgrade. We really just walked and walked and walked. We didn’t sample the night life because we were BEAT from our journey and had no idea where to begin. Plus, I got a little sick so one night I stayed in Frown PLus, I think you have to “know” where to go, and get friendly with some locals because I have heard about some excellent bars/clubs but never got to them.

We spent a beautiful day in the park and the Citadel. Another day we went to the island park and just relaxed. I wish I could help more but we really just used it as a transport city to go to and from the festival. I don’t think you need more than 2 days there but I could have missed something.

As for the OP: where are you coming from that Belgrade is a stop over for heading to Montenegro? You may want to skip it. Transport is slow and distances seem like FOREVER. Montenegro is gorgeous and if I could have, I would have spent more time. I was in Kotor and my original plans for costal Budva got nixed (we booked at Hippo Hostel— then I changed plans). I heard Budva is sweet. Are you renting a car? I feel a car is essential for Monte. Didn’t stay at a hostel in Kotor, rather a few of us rented an apartment, as most of the accommodations are like that.

OK, I don’t think I helped, I tried.
HAVE fun, I love that part of Europe.