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Hi everyone,

I need to find the cheapest fare for my BERLIN-PRAGUE trip on 11.9.2010 (saturday).

Im gonna stay in Berlin for 3 days (8.-11.9.) and then get back to Prague. Regular fares on this route seem to be incredibly expensive so I wonder what are the options/alternatives. I dont wanna hitchhike, but rather travel by train or bus and spend 30-35E, tops.

Thx for any information on this topic!


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Use the German national rail company website for schedules anywhere in Europe and to price or buy tickets for routes that start or end in Germany: http://reiseauskunft… Since September 11 is a Saturday and November 9 isn’t , I assume you’re using the European format for dates. It looks like there are still seats available at 29 euros, 39 euros and 49 euros depending on which specific train you choose to take. Buy the tickets immediately as the cheap seats often sell out.

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Oldlady is right, the cheapest possible train fare is 29 euros, if bought well in advance. If you are in Germany, go to the nearest train station at once and inquire about this, it’s only a week left before your planned departure.

Also, 29 EUR is a regular bus price, people under 30 can get a ticket for 24 EUR (limited offer). The bus is operated by Leaves Berlin Zentral-Omnibus-Bahnhof Am Funkturm at 23:55 (Tue, Fri, Sun) or at 14:00 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri), arrives to Prague Florenc bus sta. about 5 hrs later.

If you have any questions about Prague or Czech and Slovak republics, ask me.
If you only want to search train or bus connection within Czech&Slovakia and/or to neighboring countries, use or search engines. For domestic transport, they also show prices.