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Best cities for two 18 year old girls? 5000$(CAN) & 30 days (Inc nightlife, safety ect)
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Hey! Me and one or two of my friends are planning a Euro trip to take place probably next May (2012). We want to go to the places with with best nightlife, beautiful beaches, inexpensive (for the most part), and safe. We will have about 5000$ (CAN) each and want to go for about a month.
We will for sure be going to Amsterdam (starting there) and Barcelona. Possibly going to Berlin, Cinqueterre, Florence, Ios, Croatia. Thoughts? Best cities/ places to stay away from? Must see cities for two 18 year olds looking for adventure?
Also would you recommend staying in hostels? or would they be to unsafe for 2 young girls traveling alone?
Also would it be better to fly or train between countries?
Thanks for your help, any suggestions is greatly appreciated! Smile

I am leaving from Montreal with $5000 for 30 days
Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona, Ibiza Town, Florence, Cinque Terre, Nice, Munich
Requesting help with Transport, Hostels, Budget, Itinerary, Nightlife, Food, Sights


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I hope you are going to coastal areas in late May, because the beaches will still be chilly before then. I’ve been to Italy (Amalfi) in late May and we were able to go swimming.

You’ll find plenty of nightlife in all the places you named. Ios was crazy in mid-June.
Hvar (Croatia) had stone beaches; it is a beautiful island.
Hostels should be plenty safe, just keep track of your belongings.
We do have a forum for solo women travelers. Link