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Best Looking Men in Europe
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I had a laugh reading the "best looking women in Europe" post further down and thought I’d start one for the ladies.

My pick for handsome younger men, hands down, would be Italy. The guys generally had dark hair and eyes, with a boyish charm, an exhuberance, and many looked like they were about to crack a smile or laugh. This is all physical stuff, mind you.

But if we go a little beyond the physical but stay with generalizations (sorry!), these are some more of my favorites: The German guys I’ve met have been deep thinking and romantic; the Hungarian/Bulgarian/Czech men were passionate and outspoken, and the British were playful and thoughtful.*

I know Frenchmen are supposed to be known for their romance and sexuality, but I guess I’ve met the wrong ones. Oh well.

*A note about British guys: In London, I stood in a really long line at a travel office to plan a trip across the Channel, and an Englishman out of the blue fetched a chair and plopped it down in the line for me! That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s never happened on my side of the Atlantic. Smile Or maybe I just looked tired. For me, that small gesture by one Englishman has given points to all British guys!

Anyway, beauty is everywhere, inside and out. And anyone preparing to criticize this post, know that it’s just for fun, not to be taken too seriously.