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Best Route for Southern Europe
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Hello Everyone

I’m planning my first trip to Europe arriving July 6th to Salzburg, being in Berlin by the 7th of August. The cities that I want to see are: Vienna, Venice, Rome, Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava, Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, and Munich (I would like to go Munich to Berlin via Frankfurt). I feel totally daunted by what route would make the most sense.

I was thinking of going Salzburg to Vienna, Vienna to Bratislava to Budapest, Budapest to Venice, Venice to Rome (Train), Rome to Bucharest (flight), Bucharest to Krakow, Krakow to Warsaw (Train), Warsaw to Prague, Prague to Munich, Munich to Berlin (somehow stopping in Frankfurt for a couple of hours). It seems like I’m going back and fourth, should I cut out Bucharest (It’s so out of the way compared to the other places)?

The more I look at this map, the more I feel confused! lol There’s just a million possibilities of either train, flight, or bus between these cities. Any advice/tips would be GREATLY appreciated.


I am leaving from Las Vegas, Nevada with $4000 for 52 days
Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Kraków, Warsaw, Prague, Venice, Rome, Munich, Berlin, Stockholm, London, Amsterdam
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There’s not much advice that’s going to help. Why do you want to visit these specific cities?
Are you just interested in big cities (as it seems) or do you want to see these countries? Have you looked at the train times or checked for cheap flights?

Bucharest is out of the way, and I didn’t particularly like it (although the parks, gardens and shabby grandeur are intriguing) but I loved other parts of Romania. Italy is equally out of the way for this trip and while I love Italy, it would be an easy place to visit on a two week trip some other time.