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Best Way to get from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam
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I am flying into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and would like to know what is the best way to get in the city. Is it better to use a cab or is there some sort of bus, subway or train. My hotel is near Centraal Station so its in the heart of the city. Any information would be helpful.


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If you take a taxi it’s 40+ Euros. If you take the train, it’s about 4 Euros. And if your hotel is right near Centraal Station, you can walk from the train station to your hotel.

The one thing to keep in mind about the train is that you need to be vigilant for pickpockets, both in the train and in the station and on the street.

I can’t remember how to get to the train part of the airport, but it’s marked really well, so you will not get lost.

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train…super easy, cheap. we had problems however using credit/debit cards to buy the train tickets(2-4 euros) so use cash. it was a headache both coming and going from centraal station to the schiphol station. just use cash. if you’re using a eurail pass DO NOT waste it on this short commute, its only a few euros and like 20 minutes tops….i saw someone do that….silly mistake for them.

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Both onto it – its cheap and quicker to catch the train. Taxis are worthless from Schipol. Be aware of pickpockets – always around near centraal station. There are trams going from the station that will be quick and cheap to get you to where you need (or near enough) Its about €1.70 or thereabouts for the trams – unless your near centraal then just walk.

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Best way is in the back seat of a stretch limo sipping champagne…the cheapest and fastest would be the train…after getting your baggage just follow the signs to to the train station in the airport. You can buy tickets at one of the ticket counters or use the yellow vending machines (using the vending machines is abou $1 cheaper). Last time I was there the instructions for the vending machines were in dutch only (fortunately everyone in holland speaks english so no problem getting someone to do it for me). Before getting on your train you have to insert your ticket into a validating machine (it stamps it with the date and time so you can’t use it again). Take about 15 minutes to get from the airport to downtown Amsterdam by train. Cost is about $5

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Train — there’s one every 6 minutes