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Best/cheapest way to get around the UK?
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I’m going to the UK for two weeks and visiting England, Wales, and Scotland during this. I’m mostly trying to figure how to get between the three areas, as I’ll mostly be stationary within them (except Scotland, but I’m taking a tour that provides transportation there). I’ve discovered that trains can be outrageously expensive in Britain, so I was looking into coaches/buses. Does anyone have any experience in this area?
I stumbled upon, and it seems like they has some super cheap fares (kinda like the easyJet of buses) but are the buses nice? Do they have toilets? Am I going to be super cramped up and not have any space to myself like on an airplane? I can sleep just about anywhere, so I’m not really worried about that, just being comfortable and able to pee.
Also, megabus doesn’t seem to run between Cardiff and Edinburgh, which is one of my journeys. I heard about National Express but their website was down when I checked last. Do you think they would run between the two cities?

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From help tab:

What amenities do your buses offer? operates a range of vehicles, most have on board toilet facilities, where this is not the case rest stops will be provided on our longer journeys.
For fares starting at £1,50 I’d be willing to risk having only “comfort” stops!

Note that Megabus have trains on some routes. Eurolines might have some good bus offers, too.

For trains, also check Virgin Trains which can be much, much cheaper—albeit on a sparser network.

Finally, Money Saving Expert is a treasure trove of tips, deals, and strategies to keep travel costs and other things as low as possible in the UK.