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Blade & Soul: didn't know Hongmoon levels increased your HP

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Tags: Blade & Soul
City: Longwy, France
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With my full Yeti set using Northern Critical green shield pcs as fusion my HP is 41.5k and Crit is 49.9%. I have 3 Labyrinth pcs with health and minimal critical. Incorporating the 3 Labyrinth shield pcs my HP is at 51k and Crit is 48%. For what I have atm this seems to be the better choice until I can get some good rolls on Yeti pcs.

What made me curious about this subject is I grinded out the Yeti full set last night. Just made sure I had a complete set no matter what the roll. I proceeded to farm Junghado for more BNS Gold. I noticed my health was horrendous but figured my crit% would help compensate but I was dead wrong. Before obtaining the Yeti full set I was one shotting Junghado 10-15 times a play session. Upon defeating Junghado my health would be very low or maxed full. I knew that with my new crit set there would be some very close matches…not even close. He basically destroyed the hell out of me with that Yeti set so this is the main reason I came here to the forums to inquire about what I was doing wrong. A lot of great answers to my questions so thanks goes out to those that responded!

HP is randomized (well not exactly randomized, but let’s say you can get 2 or 3 set amounts of HP) every time you unseal a piece, just like the other stats. So, if your HP is that low using full Yeti, you probably just picked whatever came up, or only focused on which pieces had the best crit.

I don’t like this system tbh, because whenever I finally get the right amount of crit on a certain piece I’m missing my blade and soul gold farming, it also happens to be super low on health :c … or the opposite, a bazillion of HP but almost no good stats. Stars kind of need to align, and if they do, then you might get the stats and health.

My issue isn’t health, but messing up, playing while tired, and consistency. I know you won’t like this answer, but playing with lower health might actually help you in the long run. I also have a bit of Magic the Gathering bit of me still where I don’t care how much health I have as long as I’m able to take the foes around me. Long time Magic players would understand.