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Blade & Soul: Sick Lag

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Tags: Blade & Soul
City: Donostia, Spain
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I believe the amount of posts made about the bad server already account to over 10 posts already, counting from beta 1.
Yet, nothing being done.

GM reply entry are nothing more than broken promises dragging by a snail for centuries.
Just like when they promised us release in 2013 and 3 years later we finally enter the beta.

I swore I have never seen such procrastination in my life. #FirstWorldProblem
— The game release was not because they decide to answer our Blade And Soul Items, it’s because all other games on the the market show rivalry competitions have showed up, so they decide to join the movement.

This is nothing more than a greed hopping on the bandwagon.
If this lag drags itself on to 3rd beta. The movement that I will start making is the kind of riot that demand refund for all players that paid money for extremely terrible customer support.

And if this shit drag on to the 4th beta. I’m fkin done with this game.
— The simplicity of inattentive and money rushing are creating nothing more than extreme hate for the game company. Just like how they pooped on 2moons and destroy Exteel.

The amount of complaint file that have sent to NCSoft can literally compare to a national library. #TheRageMustGoOn.

This game is a extreme fast pace combat and the only thing that can keep player enjoying this material is through stable connection.
If the simple thing prove difficulty for such large company such as NCSoft
I don’t think they have the ability to change or care about fanbase players at all.

I’m not gonna tell you to stop resurrecting the post about the same stuff like other people.

In fact, I’m totally supporting you and many other out there experience this difficulty that I have gone through to Buy BNS Gold.

It proves how much frustration this company have put me through.