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Blade & Soul: Underwear in Character Creation

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City: Chamonix, France
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This really isn’t something to be upset about and if different underwear in character creation is the only thing the company is lying about, then, as someone coming from Neverwinter, I’d feel blessed.

The change makes a lot of sense for character creation, as it’s much easier to work with the figure that way, whereas it’s pretty distorted in the non-west version. I like having a very clear view of my characters when making them, and the lingerie does not provide it.

This absolutely does not count as censorship, however, seeing as the changes are sensible for their purpose and clearly don’t try to cover anything with Blade-Soul Gold. I don’t care much for poses though, does this have any effect once you leave the creation screen, or are they just aesthetic things you can do in the character creation?

Not this thread again. Oh no they took out an underwear that you will generally never use because you can’t get your soul shield effects if you don’t wear some sort of outfit. And they took out these poses in the character creation that you won’t be spending more than a fraction of your time playing the game.

And yet EVERY other outfit in the game is still in its original beautiful state outside of this one lingerie underwear that isn’t even that great looking. But for some reason you consider this as a blatant fail and lie from NCWest.

I love all of hyung tae kim’s work and the wonderful outfits he made for this game. But I could not care on such a minor change that in my opinion makes the character creation easier and nicer to use. The sports underwear shows the body much better and lets you see the dimensions of the character easier unlike the frilly lingerie that made it hard to gauge certain portions of the body.

Yeah, I think the armors in BnS have their own underwear/body mesh that overwrites the default body underwear to get free Blade And Soul Items. I had thought that before, but still wasn’t sure (since there are games like vindictus where the armor meshes don’t show it’s own underwear mesh, and instead show the body underwear meshes).

And sometimes as a result, the vindictus type can look pretty bad with the clashing underwear colors showing under the armor, so I’m really glad to know BnS is the other type, for aesthetic proposes.