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Tags: Blade And Soul
City: Worcester, United Kingdom
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It will only take 6 hours total for all 12 of us to get 1,000 kills. At that point we will switch factions and decide if we want to get the next 1,000 kills normally over time or regroup at a later time.

I’ll be putting everyone in the group on my friends list for the other 1,000 kill achievements as well at some point.

One of the party members has done this before on the JP servers and doing it in multiples of 12 is the most efficient way to complete the achievement. Any my more or less, and you will spend more time completing the 1,000 kills for everyone.

Right now we have 2 slots open for Cerulean(Blue) side. There have been 8 more people on the red side who want to do it, but unless we can get more Blade & Soul Gold they can’t join. If there are more blues interested we will try to go for 24 people total.

We’ll be doing this Sunday and we have a discord for the people doing this. Post or whisper me if you want to join and I’ll give you the time, location, and Discord.

We are currently at 9 blue and 9 red. We’re hoping to get 3 more of each. We’ll be doing this Sunday at a to be determined time and place.

If you’re interested send me a message or post here and I’ll give you the link to the Discord that we’re all going to be using for the event. You don’t have to talk or anything, but you will need to be in there at least.