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2 replies
Book a private room in hostel?
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I heard a few horror stories about staying in dorm style hostels like:

-you have to sleep with your money close to your body because people will try and steal stuff even when your sleeping
-people will break into your locker to steal your stuff
-sometimes the people are weird/old

My friend and I are considering upgrading to private if this is true. We were looking at all F dorms or the private rooms. We are both graduating college students and have lived in dorms so we can adjust easily but we don’t want our stuff stolen!

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I’ve been staying in hostels for over 10 years and

1. I always keep my money close by anyway, but nobody has ever tried to steal it from me.
2. Never witnessed or heard first hand of anyone breaking into a locker.
3. Yea sometimes you have weird people at the hostels, but they are outweighed by all of the interesting and amazing people you will become instantly friends with. And some of the most amazing people I have met have been older — like the 60-70’s Kiwi couple travelling the world for a year. Anyway, I am 30 and for the last few years have typically been one of the “older” people at most hostels.

So, long story short, no worries.

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As long as I’m comfortable with the locker, I’m comfortable with putting my money, passport, etc in the locker. However, I have a lock with a cutting guard on it, so unless if someone saw me put in my code, I highly doubt anyone’s going to be able to get into the locker. As long as you have a good lock and make sure no one sees you put in your code you will be fine. I find this is better than sleeping with your money because when you’re sleeping it’s technically undisturbed. Finally, keep in mind that some hostels do not have lockers, so make sure you pick ones that do.

And I second mim, everyone you meet in hostels are great, and I found it was easier to meet people in dorm rooms than in the common room or lobby.

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