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Travelogue Entry
Tags: Belgium, brugge, europe
City: Brugge

Brugge is a pretty gorgeous city. It has that medieval style look to it. With cobblestone streets and medieval style buildings.

The first thing you should do though is go to the Tourist Office and grab a Use-It Guide. They are the best guides, they give you advice on strange attractions as well as cheap eats and drinks. I got a great cup of Pasta for 3 Euros.

The Belfry or Belfort is one of the main attractions and the view from the top is pretty awesome. Its not too expensive if your under 26 (4 euros) and about 8 for adults. Theres a church there that has the “blood of christ” but it was closed. And the main square is pretty cool.

My advice is to see them for a bit, then walk down side streets and get out of the main area. The Use-It guide is your best friend here, and you can easily cover it in a day.

The only really downside was the amount of people there. It was incredibly crowded. Hence why you should get out of the the main areas. And there are so many horse carriages and canal tours going, it seems like an amusement park at times. I think I said to myself that it was like disney without the cartoon characters.

But it was still cool, and I had a great time despite the crowds.