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Budget Help!
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Hey everybody. I have a couple of questions regarding my budget for a future Eurotrip. This will be my second time traveling to Europe but this time I will be adding many new destinations. I plan on traveling for 53 days, starting from the end of May and continuing through the middle of July. Here are my destinations:


I have already received some very helpful information in the past from members of this site about Eurail and other means of transportation but what I plan on doing is using a Youth Eurail pass from Paris all the way to Rome and then fly from there to Athens and fly from Athens to Istanbul (for London to Paris it will have to be Eurostar).

If I plan to use about USD 75 per day on food and maybe a souvenir and USD 40 on hostels I calculated my total, including transport, to be around USD 8500-9000. Does this sound right? Too much, too little? Any input would help. Thanks.

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I think your budget may be a little tight depending on what you find for prices for your flights to/from Athens and Istanbul. Normally, I’d figure your $115 a day ($6100) + the price of a 2 month global pass ($1185) +$1,000 for transatlantic flight and $100 for Eurostar, so you’d be fine. However you may end up with $500 or $600 involved in the flights to/from Athens and Istanbul, so the normal budget amount for city to city transportation wouldn’t be enough.

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I have the same problem, actually. I’m going around the same time, May 12-July 7 of this year, and I have about 4000 to spend, not including the transatlantic flight or the eurail pass (I’m paying for those separately and in advance). I’m hoping to stay with some friends for 4-5 of the nights, and hopefully use our eurail youth flexi pass on overnight trains. Does 4000 sound like a feasible budget for travel, hostels, food, etc? I’m concerned to say the least…

I am leaving from DC with $5000 for 64 days
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It all depends on what you typically spend your money on. I’ve spent progressively LESS money each time I’ve gone over, while my trips have gotten longer every single time. My last trip was around 40 days, and (not including flight or rail pass) I spent under 2 grand. Half of that was hostels, the other half was…well…everything else: museum fees, food and tee shirts. However, if you were planning on going to Europe to get plastered every night, shop till you drop, and stay in four star hotels, you can plan on spending significantly more (I’ve met enough people with precisely this plan to say that I would advise against it!) Another tip that may seem self explanatory: COOK YOUR OWN FOOD! My friend and I spent almost a week in London a couple years ago, and aside from lodging, we really only spent like 2 GBP per day! Hostels are expensive in London (and so is everything else) but all the museums are free, and food pretty much costs what it does back home if you buy it at a cheap grocery store. We ate like kings on massive tasty burritos we made ourselves while all the American fratboys were going broke and complaining about how expensive the bars and restaurants were Smile

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@KED528: I see that you have a railpass already suggested to you in your trip. You can now click on ‘Buy Railpasses’ to get an idea how much the passes will cost and you can even buy through the Trip Planner now. If you buy through the Trip Planner, make sure you are logged in when you buy so you get the Eurotrip Member Instant Rebate.

I am leaving from Montreal, Canada with $1600 for 16 days
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Eurotrip Points: 72
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I am appreciating everyone’s comments/advice on here, so thank you. I am considering cutting down the spending on food and souvenirs now that I glance over everything. My original budget was a bit ambitious so I plan to come up with a brand new figure. Once again, thanks.