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Bullrunning Module 5# Santo Domingo
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Fuck All Room To Breathe Let Alone Run
If any of you guys are thinking of running at the start of the course, i.e. doing Santo Domingo; the first thing that you must remember is the is fuck all room. Not that you have to watch out because it is a bit narrow, it is more simple than that… THERE IS FUCK ALL ROOM ! As you can see from this photo, the bulls take up most of the space. So when you peel off or hit the side you have to make yourself as thin as possible against that wall, and if you are a big fat bastard like myself, this is not as easy as you think. If this was not the only worry; you also have to remember that the bulls at this point are running as fast as fuck, and you just might be the first piece of ass that they have seen in a long while. Just think how you would react in that situation! You would head straight for that nice juicy piece of tail! So you can’t blame them, they will be up your ass as soon as you can say, ‘What the fuck was thaaaaaaat!’
Running downhill towards them is very easy, there is lots of room, possibly because there are not that many other mad bastards who also want to run there. However when you spin on your toes, or as many of my associates do, skid to a halt and lurch around to plod uphill, that is when all your problems start. You are not even taking off from a standing start, you are like one of these cartoon characters that seem to take two steps back before they wheel spin into action. That is certainly how it feels as you tackle the steep gradient. The other small point to remember is that there are fuck all escape routes, it is solid fucking wall, and if Mr Bull wants to smash your arse against that wall, then your are well and truly buggered possibly more than just metaphorically! So if you guys want to do this part of the run, you really must try it out mid afternoon. When all the decent and indecent parts of the population are tucked up in their beds. Just try it without the bulls! Yes it is a bastard of a run, but it is a lot of fun doing it at 8.00 in the morning with a multitude of bulls breathing down you neck. The only good point, or possibly bad point is that is over very quickly.