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Camera Equipment?
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i have different posts going on here. Should consolidate- sorry. But new questions keep popping into my head. The more I plan- the more I think of, and am glad I didn’t wait till the last minute. People say all the time “oh hey i’m back packing europe” makes it sound so easy, when once you get down to it- it doesn’t seem so easy, but rather stressful, but i figure- get the stress over with now, and then i know i’m covered and ready…

So I’m going to Europe for the first time- on a trip I’ve been dreaming of for YEARS!!!! I’m very big into photography, and i have the digital nikon SLR with changing lenses. i can NOT imagine going to Europe and not using this camera- however it would also take up a ton of space, and I would be terrified to lose it.

Can you use backpack with all stuff in it as carry on from USA-Europe, and waht about flying, training within europe? And I know here in the US- you can’t lock any luggage- can you abroad (planes, trains)?

I have one or two flights planned with Ryan Air and was reading carry on restrictions, and saw something that said they will carry on your camera and laptop? Is this in addition to your pack? And can you even carry on a back pack? I have no idea, realizing I have no idea what I’m doing as I go along.. but wondering about the camera. I have a smaller Nikon Cool Pix- but that thing goes through batteries so fast and the quality is no where near as good… and like I said I can’t imagine a trip in Europe without amazing photos to bring back- yes I’m a big soaker upper, and appreciate it without the camera, and a big post card buyer- but still love taking pics.

Any advice or knowledge on cameras? Anyone else that has traveled with SLR’s? I have the body and a lens, some filters, lens cloth, and a compact case with about 8 memory card slots. (I get about 90 pics to card). I’m thinking I will leave my external flash and tripod- cuz that just sounds like a pain in the butt!!! But everything else feels necessary. Smile

Thanks in Advance!

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I’ve traveled with all the the gear you mention in the pre-digital era, so lots of film, too. It’s certainly possible, but each time I travel I take less camera gear and I’m a happier traveler. You’re going to have to figure out what you can reasonably carry. Unless you’re willing to spend big bucks for a taxi, you will be walking several blocks with all of your gear in each city. You may be walking on cobblestones and uneven surfaces. You often have to climb a couple of flights of stairs in a hostel and even in expensive hotels, the elevator is sometimes broken. Some train stations will involve a long flight of stairs and you’ll usually need to take subway or bus from the train station to your lodging. Load up all your clothes, toiletries, camera gear and everything else you think you need and walk around the block twice, then walk up a flight of stairs.

Sightseeing will involve carrying all your camera gear plus guidebook, water bottle, day stuff — probably up and down several sets of subway steps. I always want to take pictures from the top of everything, so hundreds of stairs as a part of sightseeing. I think the sight-seeing part of toting the camera gear is as bad as the traveling part.

I’ve never carried a full-sized tripod, but I did carry one of those little mini-tripods (like 4” high) and the external flash when I traveled with all the SLR gear. Tripod was great for long exposures like the moon over the acropolis, night shots of lighted fountains and other situations where you can’t really hold the camera. Flash was necessary for indoor stuff, but I’d think with digital SLR (which I assume has something like a “museum” setting without flash, plus a built-in flash) you could easily get by without external flash. BTW, you can always have your memory cards transferred to a CD at photo shops with “digital service” and at some internet cafes.

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If it helps we just posted a Eurotrip Podcast about cameras and photography.

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