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Camping in Andros

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City: Ándros, Greece
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We arrived at the port of Andros after taking a 2 hour ferry from the port of Rafina — a much more manageable port than that of Piraeus and only a €3 bus ride from Athens Airport. We arrived at Andros and made our way to Andros Camping where we would be spending the next two days. The views from the ferry (€14 from Rafina) were extraordinary and a great preview of what was to come on our short trip through the Cyclades. Upon debarking at the port, we followed the straight forward directions to Andros Camping. For around €10 we were able to pitch own tent. The campsite itself offered a bar, market, restaurant, and pool and was well worth the price. As it was late, we decided to have a few beers (€2 each) and sleep off our jet lag.

The next day we headed to the sandy beach directly adjacent to the more popular golden beach. While there are countless beaches to choose from on the island, this small slice of soft, golden sand was the perfect way to introduce ourselves to the azure, clear, cool water of the Aegean. The pristine waters were just a taste of what was to come.

Later in the day we boarded a bus for about €4 to Andros Town on the other side of the island. Be forewarned; the hour long bus ride is not for the faint of heart. The bus quickly winds around stunning mountainous outcrops on narrow roads that lack any sort of barricade. The town of Andros itself is unremarkable and can be skipped. While it caters to tourists, like most places in the Cyclades, it does a bad job at it and lacks any sort of character or draw. No memorable meal or sight to speak of.

The next morning we headed to the port to hop a ferry for our next stop, Pleasure Island (…or Mykanos)

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Last august we’ve been at the island of Andros. Usually we pick much further destinations in the greek sea and we always leave from Piraeus.
This year we decided for Andros and what a beautiful choise!
We left from the port of Rafina, 1h by bus from Athens, and much better than Piraeus, being smaller and not so busy.
We arrived after 2 hours at the port of Andros and we saw immediately the bus of the Camping that took us to the campsite.
We have been in a lot of campsites in the greek islands the last 10 years, but we must say that the one in Andros is the best: the location is confortable,in a olive tree field, 5 minutes walk from the port, not too big, quiet although it was the first 2 week of august! and very, very clean as the friendly staff and the owner care a lot to make sure their customers have a pleasant stay.
The island itself is clean and the tourist, mainly Greeks, are quiet and respectful.
Andros offers you anything you can exspect from a holyday:beautiful and not crowdy beaches,blu and transparent water, nice walks in the mountain with green and springs around, the unique ‘Chora’ situated on the sea, still very traditional ‘tavernas’, the meals reasonably priced and good portions!