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Carry-on Concerns.
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First off,

Thank you to everyone who replied to my various threads, you have been a big help in organizing and planning our trip, and my and my travel partners are extremely grateful for that.

Now to our new dilemma!

We are pretty good about packing light, so size dimensions and weight shouldn’t pose a problem with carry-on (from either the U.S. to Amsterdam trip or the Ryan Air trip from Barcelona to Venice). The problem were having is with the items we feel we should/need to bring…these include nail clippers, razor, pocket knife.

We really don’t want to check our luggage in: 1) I don’t want to risk losing it, and 2) I don’t want to pay the extra charge on Ryan Air.

For those of you that have faced this dilemma, what did you do? and Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all the help!


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Ouch… well, I’d do the math… if it’s cheaper to check your luggage, do that. If it’s cheaper to give your pocket knives to street urchins and buy new ones at your destination, do that. Smile

I could be wrong, but they might be okay with nail clippers if they’re not the gigantic kind, and I’ve never had a problem with shaving razors. (Unless by “razor” you meant box-cutter )

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