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Cheap Euro traveling tips
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My husband and I are planning to leave for Glasgow from Vancouver(Canada) in August and we could really use some help to make our 5 month trip cheap but enjoyable at the same time. We’re staying with some friends in Glasgow until Octoberfest comes and then we would like to just see as much of Europe as we can until December. I heard flights were cheap down there, I was wondering how cheap and if that is the best way to travel from Glasgow all the way down to Germany and then Spain. It would also be nice to know which order to go in when traveling all the way across Europe. Any info would be great, thanx!

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One good way is EasyJet – Glasgow to Berlin is the one we took, but there are others. The UK has high taxes, but I think you can likely get a flight for less than $100 CAD total. The cheapest flights are cheaper elsewhere in Europe.
Check .
It doesn’t really matter which city you go to – you can enjoy that city and then make your way to Munich, either by train or whatever method.
I’d suggest booking your Oktoberfest accommodation way in advance, like even now.

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Generally, I would head further south as winter approaches. Maybe start with some place in the north (London, Stockholm, Amsterdam?) and work your way down to Munich. Then maybe head to CH, AT, then south to Italy or Croatia or Greece.

For flights, have a look at www.canadian-affair…. and as well as — the latter can search Flightcentre, Mobissimo,, Kayak, and others.

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my advice is to try and book flights as far in advance as possible.  There are many cheap flights available and there are a number of price comparison websites that you can check when you arrive in the UK – here’s just one example http://www.travelsup…

good luck