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Cheap flight to Switzerland
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I’m new to this forum so if there has been a similar topic posted in one of the threads, please redirect me.

I’m planning for vacation to Italy & Switzerland. I’ll be travelling from Kansas City, Missouri.

Can you please help me finding out the cheapest available airline in this regard. Also I was wondering that since Kansas is not-so-big city, am I at a disadvantage flying from Kansas? Should I first travel to any other city like Chicago, NYC etc?

My dates are very flexible. Its just that I’m looking for the cheapest deal out there..

Thanks a lot..!

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1. Go from MCI (Kansas City).
2. Depart early May.

Let me explain…

By the time you add costs to O’hare (gas, parking, time, hassle, etc.) the fare would have to be stellar to offset the costs and inconvenience. MCI is a fairly large airport. A quick peek at published fares turned up some nice ones in the $700s-$800s, IF you’re outbound before the high peak-season airfares start this summer. From MCI, on cities I checked, looks like that’s before May 22nd for most. Outbound dates before that keep you in the more reasonable “shoulder-season” airfares.

I totally guessed your stay at 2-3 weeks. Doing that turned up $725 round trip total, from MCI to London-Heathrow on May 9th; return from Dublin on May 30th. This is with United and Air Canada.

For MCI to Switzerland and Italy, I’m seeing fares as low as $864 total if you’re outbound by May 17th. Milan is coming up $864 May 17-31 with United, for example. This itinerary starting in Zurich instead, and returning from Milan, is coming in only $894.

Some others from MCI… Brussels $824 depart by May 15.
Madrid 815 by May 16
Copenhagen/Oslo $806 by 17

Why these other cities outside of CH/IT? Because cheap flight hops with the likes of Easyjet. Skyscanner helps you hunt these down fairly quickly: http://www.skyscanne… So with that $725 fare, and some cheap Easyjet flight hops, you might get another country for the same total airfare as the flights just to CH/IT.