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Cheap mobile internet in many EU countries for 0,99 EURO per day
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I would like to share my experience with irish Vodafone prepaid sim card with which you can surf almost anywhere in Europe for 0,99 € per day with a limit of 50MB per day (24 hours). If you download more then you will be charged extra. There is no need to buy any addons for this you just need to set up your APN to

I am using this sim card all over the Europe as I am flying and travelling a lot between UK, Germany a Netherlands.
Here is a map where is it available to use this internet : http://www.vodafone….

I have bought this sim card on ebay from seller IESIM with 36 euro credit already topped up so I had enough credit for more than a month browsing. I have bought activated and not registered sim card which I have then registered online to my name and address. Then I have just used my unlocked USB broadband dongle set APN and it worked !

SIM card arrived in just 2 days. And as a bonus I can send 600 free SMS every month to any number in world for free from
If anyone interested links to ebay auction here :………

regards Martin Schwartz

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I agree that the rates are decent but with the ebay links included this just feels like advertising to me.

Besides, these days you can find free internet in most places you go and as all smartphones have wifi there may not be a need to buy internet access at all. Figure out if it’s worth it and make sure to check for hidden charges. Vodafone has different policies per country but check for hidden fees. I know in NL they are more expensive than they seem. Actually, my ex-gf works for them in Hungary and even she admits there are much cheaper alternatives.

Just my 0.02