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Cheapest US to Europe for August '08?
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Hi there,
I’m new to this forum, but have had much success with message boards over the years. Hoping you can help me out here!
My family and I want to go to Europe this summer. Where it gets complicated is in trying to find the cheapest way to do it. The only severe restriction is that we have to be in Holland for a wedding on 8/23. Otherwise, we’re open.
We live in SW FL, and would prefer to fly from FL, though we could fly from the NE if the fares are that much better. Wouldn’t mind really flying into anywhere, and then making our way to Holland. But we need to return as soon after 8/23 as possible.
How can I easily search for basically just the cheapst tickets from the US to anywhere in Europe? Without actually having to take guesses at which airports would be the cheapest?
Thanks in advance! [Wink]

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You can do that with — click “Top Deals,” change the Departure airport to RSW (Ft. Myers) and click “Change.” This shows you the cheapest published airfares to points around the world. Click on Europe, then change the month to August, departing 18th-24th (or sooner if you want), click “change” and it updates all of the fares to Europe.

For example, it’s showing Germany for $446. Now now, before you get your hopes up, this fare might actually be published by an airline as covering your departure window. However, actual seat availability is sometimes different—so click the city/fare you want, and then click through the travel dates on the calendars it presents, just to see what’s actually available on those dates.

I did for you, and as I suspected, an airline has filed this fare, but is not actually offering seats on it currently.

So… also check and the consolidators mentioned in our new user thread—top of this forum.