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christmas holidays tours/trekking
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dear travellers,

if you are travelling to nepal, you would enjoy the sightseeing tours around kathmandu & world heritage cultural sites.nepal is the majestic himalaya kingdom in the world. once in an ancient times kathmandu valley was a magnificient lake, now kathmandu is city of ancient temples,stupas & monastaries,shops,palaces,buildings,westerned standard hotels & restaurants.. walking around kathmandu & shopping is a very joyful. you can see snow capped mountains Langtang, Dorje Lakpa,Ganesh Himal,& more to the north from the roof top of the hotel when the weather is clear. you can go for sun rise & sun set tour in the morning. western standard luxurious hotels & resturants available in around kathmandu.

sightseeing tours around pokhara & world’s heritage cultural sites .pokhara is very beautiful city with beautiful lakes name is called fewa lake,begnas lake & rupa can do a joyful boating around the lakes,you can see the will see ancient caves,temples,old towns, monastaries, snow capped mountains mt.annapurna himalaya ranges,mt.fishtail, mt.lanjung himal range,mt.manaslu himalaya range & mt. dhaulagiri himalaya range.mountains are very close to see from pokhara. western standard luxurious hotels & resturants available in pokhara.most scenic drive by tourists buses,standard cars & vans,& flight are available from kathmandu to pokhara. 25 minutes by flight to pokhara from kathmandu.

sightseeing around patan & world’s heritage sites. patan is neighbouring city of kathmandu. this city is well popular for stone carve,metal carve & wooden carve. you will see lotssss of metal,wooden & stone carved images of budhist & hindu gods & goddess, thousand budha stupas & monastaries,golden gate temple. from paran,you will see the snow capped mountains name is rollwalling himalaya ranges,this is when weather is clear. there are western standard luxurious hotels & resturants in patan. most of the local peoples of patan are budhist by religion. 20 minutes drive by car to patan from kathmandu.

sightseeing tours around bhaktapur & world heritage sites. this is another neighbouring city of kathmandu. this city is well popular for pottery, the pots made of clay. you will see the sacred hindu temples & old royal palaces of the ancient kind of bhaktapur,lots of bricks factorys around bhaktapur. this city is famouse for local made sun rise & sun set view tours can do from here in the morning & evening.25 minutes drive bar car to bhaktapur.

2 night 3 day’s chitwan jungle safari tours. elephant riding, see tigers,tigress,1 horned rhinos,crocodiles,dears,lotsss of animals,birds watching, jungle walking, canoeing, jungle drive by jeep, see elephant breeding, elephant bath,sun rise sun set views,cultures dances.most scenic drive by tourists buses,cars & flights are available to chitwan from kathmandu.

most popular 5 to 10 day’s christmas holiday trekking & tours.

most popular 6 to 9 day’s family holiday trekking.

2 to 21 day’s trekking in the himalaya villages cultures of nepal.

your holiday travel will be a great support for the living of the local peoples of nepal.

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