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Credit card BLUES
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Like an idiot, I got rid of all my credit cards in an effort to reduce my debt. Now I need to rent a car. In the past I have used my Visa check card (I know, technically they want a credit card, but no one has complained), but when I switched banks recently I got an ATM card, not a check card. I have an AmEx Cobalt card (which is a bit like a check card, you fund it then use it like a credit card), but after planning to use it for my rental for the past few weeks, I just found out I can’t use it in Europe! AGHHH. I leave on April 4, so I don’t have time to get a credit card. I thought I could slide through with my Avis preferred card, but alas, the don’t have Preferred service in Amsterdam. So what am I to do? I need help, any help or advice, PLEASE!!! Thanks.

PS: I am traveling with children, so taking the train is not an option!