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Departure Times for Ryanair - when to leave?
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I had a question concerning travel from London Stansed to Venice Treviso. I was wondering which departure time I should choose. My main concerns are getting to the airport from London and getting to Venice from the airport once I arrive. I have two options:
1.) depart at 6:30 arrive at 9:30
2.) depart at 11:30 arrive at 2:30

Would it be too hard to get to the airport for the earlier flight as I would need to be there at 4:30 – would I even need to be there this early? How much time would I have to see Venice when I arrive, how much time will it take to go through customs and get to the city. Also, I am planning on camping outside of the city, so would the later flight allow me to see any of the city when I arrive, or would I just have to go to my campsite and set up and worry about seeing the city in the next day or two? Which departure time would you choose? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Ryan Air’s website includes info on how to get to the airport — if you hunt around on the website you can usually even find which bus you need to take for your specific flight.  I think you need to be checked-in (that’s completely checked-in, not just in the check-in line) an hour before flight time on Ryan Air.
Personally, I would take the later flight. 

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See the article I posted about long security waits at Stansted airport. Even if you check in on time, you can still miss your flight if the security queues are too long. Thus, it’s best to be there as early as possible, and that will be unearthly early if you go for the 6:30 AM flight.
So I agree with oldlady – take the later flight. No matter what transport you use to get to Stansted, expect it to take longer than the posted times. London is prone to transport gridlock with all methods. So just allow plenty of time no matter what.
If you’re landing at Treviso airport, I suggest first going straight to your campsite, and then going into Venice.
Note that BMI has a flight from Heathrow to Venice Marco Polo – that sometimes has cheap fares although it’s likely too late now. On that flight, I could see the lagoon as we were coming in for a landing. I’m not sure about the Ryanair flight.

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If I were you, just take the morning flight and spend the night in the airport.  Check out http://www.sleepingi… I was in the same situation a couple of years ago (except mine was my flight back to N. America).  My flight was out of Gatwick at 6AM.  I just took one of the last trains to Gatwick the night before and hung out until I could check in around 2 or 2:30.  Then wandered/slept until boarding time.