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Destination – The Old Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit

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Tags: Chertsey, hotels, surrey, woking
City: Surrey Quays, United Kingdom
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The Brooklands motoring racing circuit situated in Weybridge in Surrey, is steeped in history but is continuing to develop whilst holding onto its heritage.

The Brooklands motor racing circuit and aerodrome was opened in 1907. It made history as it was the first ever purpose built motor race circuit that was banked in the world. In Britain motorists were restricted to a 20mph speed limit and Brooklands was so popular due to the high speeds that could be reached. Sadly the last race was in 1939 and it was the outbreak of the war that put a stop to any further racing. Brooklands was also one of the first airfields in Britain created by Hugh Locke-King and was also opened in 1907. In 1939 the whole site was handed over to the wartime manufacture of military aircraft. The track was badly damaged due to bombings and was also covered by dispersal hangers and as such the racing never returned.

Brooklands was always the home of revolutionary aviation development until British Aerospace ended producing aircraft in 1987. Today the site is home to the Brooklands Museum; a motoring and major aviation museum, which was founded by the Brooklands Museum Trust that was formed in 1987. The purpose was to preserve the traditions and spirit of the heritage destination that it is today. It is currently used for vintage car rallies, motorcycle and other transport-based events .

Due to its location, located just 5 minutes from the M25, 30minutes from central London, 17 miles from Heathrow and 33 miles from Gatwick, the site has attracted large stores, companies and manufacturers such as Marks and Spencer, Mercedes Benz and Proctor and Gamble. The site is still developing with the latest addition being the art deco inspired Brooklands Hotel near Woking. Having only opened in March 2010, the Brooklands Hotel near Chertsey is a must to visit. It is to be located in the middle of the motor racing circuit, it is aimed towards both the leisure and business visitor with 120 spacious bedrooms and luxury suites. Keeping the heritage of this quite unique former motor racing site has been high on the agenda for the new hotel. From the original Brooklands racetrack which rolls out before you in riven quartz and honed granite, to the glittering 1930s inspired honeycomb pendants that greet the guests upon check-in. For Brooklands fans, the knowing nod to the legacy of the race circuit that surrounds and runs through the hotel is great to see.