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Do You Have Any Questions in Blade & Soul

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City: Geneva, Switzerland
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I’m riding the hype train real hard and this question popped into my mind. I didn’t see other threads speaking about this, but since there seem to be a lot of veteran players on here, I thought it might be worth asking.

I’ve read there is no direct healing class, but there seems to be a consensus on who can tank, namely kfm and bm. Does that mean that in a 4 or 6 dungeon, there’s one player who has to hold aggro and try real hard not to die despite not having a healer, else the rest of the group turns to Buy Blade And Soul Gold? Or is it that the ‘tanky’ attribute is more of a ‘can stand in front of the boss without thinking hard’, and basically any class can be the main aggro in a boss fight and mitigate damage by other means, e.g. cc, stuns, kiting, etc.

The only comparison for non-holy-trinity I have is GW2, which had no aggro system at all and boiled down to dodge-or-die.

Also, in your experience, does that non-holy-trinity system lead to parties in which one bad player is cheap BNS Gold, or is it just as possible to wipe because one dufus left his or her brain at home?

Of course, I’d be happy to hear any additional information about the system you’d like to share, even if not directly related to one of my questions.