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Don - Last Minute to Europe
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Hi Don (and fellow Eurotrippers) – you have helped me a couple times in the past so I thought I would turn to you. I am in Washington DC and looking for a round trip from any of the 3 airports here to Europe, preferrably Amsterdam but also possibly London if the price difference is really big (enough to cover the roundtrip chunnel and then some) . Ideally would like to travel out of National Airport as it is 5 minutes down the road from me and connects with the Metro but if there is a significant price difference could consider Dulles or even BWI.
So preferrably Washington National to Schiphol
Needed ASAP, preferrably departing this Wednesday August 22nd and staying 5-6 weeks.
Thanks very much.

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There aren’t any nonstops from National to Europe, so time saved taking metro to Reagan would be more than lost due to connection via PHL, NYC, CHI, DTW, or BOS, for example.

Try all the tips and links in our new user thread (top of this forum), and let us know what’s the best. Post that, all the places you checked (so we don’t repeat efforts) then see if someone can find something better for you.

Doing that, for example, I see seats available for $925 total using your dates.