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Don't let the snow stop you for going to the Lakes

Travelogue Entry
Tags: easter, Holidays, lake district
City: Keswick, United Kingdom

Cumbria and the Lake District may be quite largely white with snow at the moment but it’s still a great time to come and have a short break before Easter or even an Easter holiday with the kids.

Keswick is a year round destination anyway, is quite often raining (!) anyway, and being geared up for adventure and activities, come rain or snow, there’s always something to do.

Hotels in Keswick have some super deals on at the moment that really should be taken advantage of as well as deals continuing into the Easter holidays. Some people may have been waiting to see what the weather will do nearer to Easter and admittedly, it doesn’t look like more snow is forecast but the Lake District especially, looks even more magical and of course, how much do children love snow!

Despite the snow, the famous Lake District daffodils are still appearing right left and centre and the ever so cute spring lambs are springing out on nearly every farm now. It is officially spring, yes it is slightly colder than normal and yes there is snow but the Lake District is in full swing and ready for visitors!