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Don't think we're are getting much in Icarus

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Tags: Riders of Icarus Gold
City: Eğirdir, Turkey
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I was personally hoping we can mainly skip Cavern, and go straight into farming Frost Keep. I find Cavern to be the worst dungeon in the full game – it’s overly long, slow to navigate and thoroughly unenjoyable Icarus Gold. I just tended to skip it when it was the daily heroic.

Don’t think we’re are getting much else other than what you listed. Maybe some new pet collections, more stuff on the cash shop and no doubt a few new events. Probably a few world bosses, one at Divinty Shore and the 2 in Parna. Extra level on crafting/gathering as well.

On KR there are ~23 elites to tame plus 5 heroics, and they almost all require farming for a recipe. That will keep people interested in taming busy with the zone completion for a little while at least. The only ‘free’ tames are the commons.

It’s really hard to compare because you barely bother to temper levelling gear, and you never even dream to use seal stones to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, as you’re just going to move on to the next zone and replace your gear – I might +8 a good weapon. and +5 armor at best.

I imagine there should be no issues to solo Heroic I with decent gear. Heroic V might need a group but it’s just impossible to compare when people +15/20 their gear and fill it full of elite seal stones because there’s nothing else to do. Plus they might rebalance things, we already saw a 30% HP nerf outside of dungeons. Groups shouldn’t have any problems, these are just levelling dungeons not ‘endgame content’ like the legendary dungeons.

The first dungeon I remember having issues with solo on Heroic I was in the level 50 zone (the last boss can just outheal your DPS unless you bring a 2nd person to click an item).