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Dual Blade's hyper in MapleStory

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Tags: MapleStory
City: Nafplion, Greece
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It is a downright nerf to phantoms and here’s why:

Final Judgement Draw (current hyper) is actually decently strong: 30 sec duration 90 second cooldown for 20% crit, 20% drop, 1% life leech, and 20% resistance.

The strongest hyper you could steal is Dual Blade’s hyper, but the Phantom stolen version has a 10 minute cooldown, so it’s worthless.

Flip of the coin is also worthless since the Phantom version has a longer cooldown than duration, so you can only have one stack of the buff, if you have enough MapleStory Mesos. This equates to only 5% dmg and 10% crit buff every 45 seconds for 30 seconds, which is hardly appealing for a hyper.

The buccaneer hyper is only 30 second duration buff of +20% damage for 60 seconds cd, which sounds decent, but still does not offset the Final Cut nerf of damage +60% —> +40%. Same goes for all the other damage buffs (duration is too low, cd is too high, or dmg boost is not high enough)

The only other short cooldown skill is Whaler’s potion (corsair), which only gives 15% resist (weaker than the current final judgement draw gives) and 40% max hp for 30 secs (pretty much useless).

I believe it’s been tested that the strongest hyper Phantoms can steal is Inferno Aura (F/P Archmage), which is a 500% dmg interval aura that lasts 30 seconds cd 75 seconds. I have no idea if this skill will improve Phantom’s DPS enough to compensate all the nerfs they got, but it does not seem like it does (and if the fire aura counts as a summon, it won’t be activating Carte Noir either, which is always upsetting).

Don’t get me wrong, most of the skills have their uses. The thing that kills the phantom hyper’s viability for me is that the cooldown/duration ratio for all the skills is enough to make every single one almost useless. If buff duration % stat increased the duration of hyper buffs, maybe it’d be a different story, but that’s just wishful thinking.

I’m happy that this change makes Phantom more in line with his theme, but it’s disheartening to see how watered-down the stolen hyper skills are compared to their original counterparts.

Disclaimer: These are just my first impressions of reading the patch notes, and I still believe until we get the patch, nobody will know for sure if this is a buff or a nerf (unless they play KMS and are fairly knowledgable about Phantom)