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Dublin to Paris
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Hi All, I have a question in regards to flights from Dublin. Ireland to Paris.
My wife and I will be in Europe for a month this September and an early stop for us is 3 days in Dublin. From Dublin we plan to fly to Paris and spend 3 days there before heading to Pisa.
I have looked at Ryanair and other Discount airlines and the prices are cheap except for Sept 19th, which is our departure date from Dublin. RyanAir lists it at 199 Euro each. Thats crazy, as days around it are in the 49 euro price range. Also March flights are as low as 6.99 euro’s. Any iea why my selected date may be so high… could it be that it is just too early to be looking into this September flight.
Any other ideas on economy flights from Dublin to Paris (we will be traveling light – backpacking). Any help would be appreciated, as this fare will blow my inter-europe travel buget up by quit a bit.
Thanks all

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Could be several reasons—a school group or sports team travelling—something like that. Try Ryanair again tomorrow to see if availability opens back up for the cheaper seats. Also try Aer Lingus, which shows 48€ all in if you go the night of the 18th (they’re also much higher the 19th; maybe try them tomorrow, too).

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There’s a big rugby match between Ireland and France (I think that the actual date is the 23rd, though), and I know that a lot of Irish people will be heading over, and will likely be traveling on some sort of “package” arrangement that will include flight, hotel, several days in Paris…

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My Aer Lingus flight next month from Dublin to Paris only cost 19 euros plus about 30 in tax and other add ons. Definitely check their site before ordering with Ryan Air who fly to Beauvais – about an hour and a half north of Paris.