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Euro 2012 Itinerary - Questions
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I figured I’d get some input from you experts on my tentative itinerary Smile. I’ll say a little about me first, in case that might tailor suggestions. I’m 27, although in my mind I’m about 22-23 so the overarching goal of my trip might be summed up as “having a memorable adventure”. I’m most interested in seeing cool/unique things, experiencing (i.e. doing, participating in) cultural and rewarding things even if some of these are overly stereotypical, partying, outdoors. I’m not very interested in art (galleries) or food, and I have a lower interest in museums unless they hold something of well-known significance (i.e. the Rosetta stone in the British museum).

Here’s my draft of an itinerary, and I have some questions afterwards. Sorry for the length of this post!

Norway: 13-14 days (I won’t be specific on Norway, because this is more or less a set itinerary that I’m traveling with someone else).
Stockholm: 4 full days
Overnight ferry to Tallinn via Helsinki
Tallinn: 3 days
Flight to Riga (1 day for “travel”)
Riga: 3 days
Flight to Krakow + Krakow: 5 days (includes a day trip to Austerlitz)
Overnight train to Prague
Prague: 4 days
Cesky Krumlov: 3 days (incl the travel time from Prague)
Salzburg: 2 full days (3 nights)
Bad Gastein: 4 days (for outdoor stuff)
Vienna: 2 days
Budapest: 4 days
Ljubljana: 3 days
Bled: 2-3 days
Plitvice: 1 day
Split: 2 days
Bol: 3 days
Sailing trip from Split to Dubrovnik: 7 days
Dubrovnik: 2-3 days

So here are some questions I have. Some of these questions pertain to trying to shorten my trip by about 1-2 weeks, although this isn’t absolutely necessary (keeping in mind that Norway is pretty much fixed at 2 weeks). However, this will also be my last trip to Europe for some time, so I don’t want to experience as much as I can. Again, sorry for the length… any help is appreciated!

1. Given that 4 days was the right amount for me for London, Paris and Rome, does 4 days in Stockholm seem the right amount of time?

2. Is 1 day in Helsinki worth adding in, since the overnight ferry goes through Helsinki? Is there a “must do” that I’m missing here?

3. Tallinn and/or Riga are two of the places potentially on my chopping block, especially Riga. Given that Soviet culture is much lower down on my interests, what type of things will appeal to me about these 2 cities?

4. I’m going to Krakow because I love Poland and I know so many people who rave about the Krakow nightlife. Will there be enough to interest me for 5 days (including 2/3rd of a day spent on a flight from Tallinn/Riga), including day trips to surroundings? Or should I cut that down.

5. Similar question for Prague. Is 4 days about right?

6. Am I missing out by not going to Innsbruck? Its appealing for outdoor reasons, but am I missing anything major?

7. Slovenia: Again, this is another place high on my potential chopping block. I really want to go to Bled, and I hear great things about Ljubljana. It’s also a little out of the way (or so it seems) given that I’m coming from Budapest and then my next stop is Croatia. Thoughts?

8. Am I doing myself a big disservice by not going to Belgrade?

9. What is the watersport scene like in Brac/Bol? I’ve included it on my itinerary for primarily this reason, but maybe this is foolish.


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1. Any big city has enough “stuff” for 4 days, but I wouldn’t allocate 4 full days to Stockholm unless I had at least 1(maybe 2) day trips in mind.
2. I liked Helsinki. Many think it’s boring, but I think it’s worth a couple of days. It is expensive, although I don’t think noticeably more expensive than the rest of Scandinavia.
3. I probably liked Riga better than Tallinn, but both are great visits. Neither is really Russian in culture or architecture although a very large percentage of Riga’s citizens are ethnic Russians and speak Russian. Both are very “anti-soviet” in terms of their national pride, outlook, etc.
7. Slovenia is a favorite for me. It’s the only place we’ve visited that both my husband and I said “I could live here.”. It is so beautiful, friendly and easy to get around and enjoy. It is definitely in the top 3 or 4 “easy to navigate in English only” places I’ve visited. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

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Less time in Scandanavia! There isn’t a lot too do for more than 2 days in the major cities (imo) it is also very very expensive if you are planning on having a few drinks out at night. Whilst in Olso I paid around 14£ for one drink!

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I’d want a minimum of 3 days in Dubrovnik, and really 4 would be better. It’s bigger than I thought, lots to see and do, plus really good daytrips.

I am leaving from Boston, MA with $5000 for 47 days
Madrid, Barcelona, Athens, Santorini, Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Cinque Terre, Nice, Lyon, Paris, Zagreb, Grabovac (Plitvice), Split, Dubrovnik, London
Requesting help with Transport, Hostels, Budget, Itinerary, Sights