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Hey guys!
Straight to the point, we are 3 lebanese guys (24 years old), looking for a eurotrip adventure filled with great nightlife, hot girls, great beaches, cheap food, and must see places in preferably eastern europe for 15 days.

We are still researching our mission but have definitelly decided to go there during July via a plane to Istanbul Turkey and then catch the train to either Sofia or Thesaloniki.
Our research route is Thessaloniki, Sofia, Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Stuttgart (Metzingen Outlet city) ,then back to Munich to catch a plane to istanbul and return home if still alive.

Yet Croatia is extremely tempting and we should be going there too but are not sure which country to cancel out.

Anyways your experience will be more than appreciated in helping us plan for a crazy eurotrip by leading us the way to the best places according to our criteria!
N.B: we are of the craziest experienced guys in beirut, its nightlife, and the girls around here Smile if you need any help, do not hesitate to write us – if you are helping us, please keep that in mind as well!

Chris Smile

I am leaving from Beirut with $2000 for 16 days
Thessaloniki, Sofia, Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Stuttgart, Munich
Requesting help with Hostels, Budget, Nightlife, Sights
I am leaving from Beirut, Lebanon with $2000 for 21 days
Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Sofia, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Munich
Requesting help with Budget, Nightlife, Food