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Europe in the Winter?
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I am trying to plan a short Eurotrip (at most 2 weeks) with 5 friends for winter break, which would be around the last two weeks of December. How does London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona sound in terms weather conditions?

Also, should I re-think the cities I have chosen? They seem pretty generic, and I have already been to London and Paris. If you have recommendations for other cities to substitute in, please feel free to post it here!

I am leaving from Los Angeles with $500 for 11 days
Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid
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Well, how do you (and your friends) feel about revisiting places? I have revisited Paris and London many times because there is always something new to see, and the holiday season adds a special flavor. I liked London at Christmas. New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh (Hogmanay) was probably the best New Year’s I’ve ever had, followed closely by Madrid. The weather could be very wet and cold in Amsterdam, London and Paris, it might be chilly but dry in Madrid, and perhaps a bit milder in Barcelona.

Your budget looks very tight indeed, especially for the cities you are considering. Do you really plan to live on $45 a day?

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Daylight: Amsterdam, Paris and London are all north of the US and even north of the most populous parts of Canada. Days are short, it will be dark around 4:00 PM. Add the cloud cover and it can seem like a lot of time in the dark. The cities all have amazing lighting so you might barely notice the extra hours of darkness, but mid-winter isn’t, IMO, a great time to wander too far from big cities and major tourist destinations.

Weather: Amsterdam, Paris and London will be like the eastern sea coast (DC to Boston) in the US — cold and wet, but not usually much snow or “arctic” temperatures. Certainly not as cold as the far north latitude suggests to North Americans.

What does your $500 budget need to cover? It certainly doesn’t seem adequate for 11 days.

Tip for traveling with 5 or 6 — PLAN to split up into smaller groups for part of the time. You do not need to go to all of the same cities and definitely should not spend all of your time together.

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I think Paris is a better than other place because it has much attractions than other and this is the best time to go there in December because all the tourist around the world are coming there and see the new year Eve at there.