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european rail timetable guide summer 2011
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can anybody tell me where in Paris I may be able to find a English version of this book.
*European rail timetable guide summer 2011*
any bookstore or travel store name and somewhat directions will help greatly.

I am leaving from calgary,ab with $10000 for 28 days
Madrid, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris
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Last time I tried to buy the Cook’s timetables (I think this will be a more recognized way to refer to it), they were very expensive and almost impossible to find. Even the travel store no longer stocked them. I doubt you’ll be able to find a schedule in Paris, but a Let’s Go guidebook is probably your best bet for locations and directions to book stores that sell English language books, or order from Amazon before you go, or from Amazon.UK to get an English one shipped to you in Paris (cheaper shipping). Also, look around for “out of date” schedules before you leave home. Schedules seldom change and changes are usually 5 minutes or less difference, so last year’s will work if you figure you need to arrive 10 minutes early for a train.

Is there a reason you want to tote around a complete schedule? An abbreviated one will come with your railpass if you bought one. I just print off the schedule between two cities on one side of a page and then print the “show intermediate stops” view of the 2 or 3 most likely combinations on the reverse — 30 or so pages and you can throw them when you’re done with them as opposed to 900 pages — and a whole lot easier to read and interpret. The intermediate stops for the train that leaves at 9:20 will be exactly the same (2 hours later) as the schedule for the 7:20 train — same goes for 11:20 train, 13:20 train, etc. http://reiseauskunft… I believe there are phone, pda and tablet apps available from There are kiosks with computer schedules, departure boards, platform train schedule cards (yellow for departures), etc. in the train station and occasionally.